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Common AMClient.exe Command Line Options

Created on: Dec 18, 2007 7:21 PM by Tracy - Last Modified:  Dec 18, 2007 7:22 PM by Tracy

amclient.exe /apm /ro or /reqonly /c or /cache /to=xxx

/s or /silent /bw=xxx /tcs /smartui



Used to tell the executable that it is performing an application policy management task.

This switch must be specified.


/ro or /reqonly

Used to indicate that only required policies should be processed. When this switch is

specified the agent will only process required policies, although preferred and optional

policies will be downloaded and cached locally. The user is not provided with a UI that

will allow the task to be cancelled.


/c or /cache

Indicates that the agent should only run pull tasks currently in the cache. This option

has the client omit the policy update from the core server and process only whatever is

cached on the client.



Specifies a timeout for the pull UI. If no user interaction has occurred before the

specified timeout elapses, the pull UI will be canceled and no policies will be processed.


/s or /silent

Used to indicate that the agent should run silently, that is no UI should be displayed by

the amclient application while processing application policies. Whether or not thepolicies

that are executed by the amclient display UI is determined based upon the

command lines provided to the respective applications.

Note if the /s switch is specified and the /ro switch is not specified, the UI for selecting

preferred and optional tasks will be displayed.



Used to specify the bandwidth that is required to exist between the computer and the

APM core for the amclient to attempt to obtain policies from the APM server. The

following values are supported. LAN, WAN, and RAS.



Enable legacy task completion



The smartui switch causes the UI to not be displayed unless there are outstanding tasks to be

performed by the client

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