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WebAccess - Running the User Sessions Query

Created on: Sep 28, 2011 9:20 AM by JShirley - Last Modified:  Sep 28, 2011 9:27 AM by JShirley

If you try to run the OOTB User Sessions Query in WebAccess you will get the following error:


"Invalid query condition value on attribute 'ClientType'. List condition values must contain one or more values."


This is because Client Type is stored as a numeric value in the database (eg, 1, 2..), but in WebAccess they are displayed as more user-friendly values, eg."Console". The catch is, WebAccess considers these user friendly values as the actual values, so when you use criteria "Is one of 1, 2" the query in WebAccess wont return anything.


So, what you need to do to get the original query working is to do the following:


1, Copy the User Sessions query in Query and Report Designer
2, Remove the criteria from the copy.
3, Create a shortcut to the copied query in WebAccess.
4, Insert a filter on Client Type and select the values that you want.

5, Right Click the Query shortcut and select "Replace this shortcut with current page".


The key here is that you are modifying the query in WebAccess, using values that WebAccess recognises, so it should now work exactly as it does in Console.

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