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Process for submitting requests for Spyware Content:

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Created on: Jun 5, 2008 9:20 AM by Dave Holland - Last Modified:  Mar 16, 2013 8:22 AM by Dave Holland
Description: I have spyware that is not being detected by the LANDesk Spyware.

Process for submitting requests for Spyware Content:

Spyware is caused when a unwanted program is installed on your computer. In order for LANDesk to add this undetected spyware we need several things from your environment.



  1. If possible the actual install executable that downloaded the virus.
  2. The EXE that was installed on the computer. You can usually find this by looking in the running processes. Spyware generally takes up unusual amount of memory or CPU usage.
  3. Any additional information about the suspected spyware. please include any information that you know.
    1. A description of how it is installed, A website, Email, part of a different installation.
    2. A description of what it does, Does it launch additional sites, does it download other applications, etc.
    3. A description of any malicious behavior, processor utilization, file corruption, etc,
    4. Any other other observations.
  4. Zip any files that you collected and password protect it with the password infected.
  5. Upload the files to


Call LANDesk Support and create a support case. They will need to know the name of the file you uploaded.

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