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Displaying your own Logo in WebDesk / Self Service

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Created on: Sep 2, 2009 10:08 AM by JShirley - Last Modified:  Oct 7, 2013 8:30 AM by JShirley

Login Screen:

You can add your organisation's logo between the LANDesk logo and the logon controls on the logon page by saving your company's logo to the Web
Access web server as:


C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Service Desk\WebApp\WebAccess\Content\images\company_logo.gif.


From 7.6 onwards, the location is:


We recommend that this image is no wider than 650 pixels and no taller than 200 pixels.  In some instances, an IISreset and clearing the browser cache is necessary to bring through the changes.


You can also replace the landesk logo shown on the login screen in WebDesk by replacing:



From 7.5 onwards, the location is:

\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Service Desk\WebApp\WebAccess\Content\Images



Logo within Webaccess (Webdesk/Self Service)


In 7.4+ you can now replace the logo shown in the top left hand of the window after logging in to Webdesk. In earlier versions of Webdesk this was not possible.  The instructions for this can be found In the WebAccessAdmin.pdf manual on pages 22-24 where there is further detail on editing the images and icons as well as the colour scheme.

In case you do not have a copy of the manual, please see the following link:


Here are the steps specific to changing the logo in web access:



To change the company logo in the Self Service toolbar:
1.    On the Header and frame tab of the Colour Scheme page, click New alongside Logo image.
           The New Web Image page appears.
2.    Type a Title for the image.
           This is the title that appears in the Logo image list.
3.     Alongside Image, click Browse.
           The File Upload dialog appears.
4.     Browse for and select the image you want to use, then click Open. The path to the image is added to the Image field.
5.     Save the changes.
The new logo is available in the Logo image list.
You cannot edit the built-in schemes, but can copy them as a starting point for your custom schemes.
The maximum height for the logo is 45 pixels
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