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Feb 1, 2008 7:56 AM

Error 7361: IPX or NetBIOS must be running in order to load the network services


LanDesk is giving an error when trying to boot and image a machine. 



The error states that the IP address is already in use, if you continue past it and begin the imaging process it comes up with:



Error 7361: IPX or NetBIOS must be running in order to load the network services



It then states that the WORKSTATION service is not started and would you like to start it.  Choosing Y or N both result in it hanging and not continuing to image.






I tried the following and it did not work.



There are 3 settings in the bios you need to change before you get PXE boot (NIC) in the boot menu:


-Integrated devices: NIC set to On w/PXE

-Wake on Lan (remote wakeup): on w/ PXE

-System security: PXE policy set to Accept


Now you'll probably need to save these settings first and then go back in the bios and change the boot menu to PXE first



  • phoffmann SupportEmployee 2,643 posts since
    Dec 11, 2007

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    Since you're talking about an IPX/NETBIOS error message, I'm assuming you're doing DOS-based OSD? It would help to get this confirmed.


    If your problem here is getting IPX/NETBIOS and the Workstation Service loaded, this is most definitely a NIC-driver issue. You may want to try and download the DOS-driver from the OEM first (I recommend getting/testing the last 2-3 revisions), as well as potentially the manufacturer of the NIC itself (if the OEM's drivers don't work).


    The steps for updating NIC-drivers on DOS-based images are documented in the LANDesk User Guide (included on the CD). For version 8.7, for instance, in the English language manual, this is found here:

    Section - "Appendix B: Additional OS deployment and profile migration information"

    Topic - "Adding network adapter drivers to the DOS boot environment"

    Page # - Page 469 onwards


    Hope this helps. If this is going down the wrong track, please provide more information on what you're doing which environment you're using (i.e. WinPE, etc.)


    Paul Hoffmann

    LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

  • Jared Barneck SupportEmployee 1,188 posts since
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    The error states that the IP address is already in use


    Is this already in use?  If you shut down the pxe booted machine can you ping this address from another machine that is on?  Some one may be using that address as a static address.

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