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Feb 29, 2012 11:50 PM

Does Landesk core installation require domain administrator rights ?

I want to install Landesk core in a domain. What rights does it require?


domain administrator rights ?


Or domain user right ?

  • Frank Wils SSMMVPGroup 1,212 posts since
    Feb 25, 2008

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    From the help file:


    Use the Change login dialog box (click Configure > Services > Scheduler tab) to change the default scheduler login. You can also specify alternate credentials the scheduler service should try when it needs to execute a task on unmanaged devices.

    To install LANDesk agents on unmanaged devices, the scheduler service needs to be able to connect to devices with an administrative account. The default account the scheduler service uses is LocalSystem. The LocalSystem credentials generally work for devices that aren't in a domain. If devices are in a domain, you must specify a domain administrator account.

    If you want to change the scheduler service login credentials, you can specify a different domain-level administrative account to use on devices. If you're managing devices across multiple domains, you can add additional credentials the scheduler service can try. If you want to use an account other than LocalSystem for the scheduler service, or if you want to provide alternate credentials, you must specify a primary scheduler service login that has core server administrative rights. Alternate credentials don't require core server administrative rights, but they must have administrative rights on devices.


    Be aware that you also need to add credentials to the 2 COM+ components that are created during the LANDesk installation.




  • Jared Barneck SupportEmployee 1,189 posts since
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    It doesn't require them exactly. Let me clarify what is required and when.


    To schedule and agent deployment from the Core to a certain remote machine you need administrative access to that remote machine, not to the whole domain.

    Note 1: In your domain, you can give a domain user that is not a Domain Administrator administrive access to this remote machine.

    Note 2: Or if not on a domain, you can even create the same local account on all machines and use that account.


    If you create an Advance Agent msi, then use Active Directory to deploy the Advance agent msi, then you do not necessily need an new account in Configure Services.

    Note: However, it is still good to change the account to some type of domain services account as this account will also possibly check network shares for software distribution and it is easier to give network share rights to a domain user than to a machine's local system account.

  • TomFarrugia Specialist 120 posts since
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    The domain account you use simply needs local administrator rights to the core server you are loading.

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