Troubleshooting WOL (Wake on LAN)

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.5

    Description Troubleshooting WOL (Wake on LAN)


    Resolution LANDesk Management Suite has the ability to send out an industry standard WOL packet (or "magic packet") to wake up a managed device. The packet can be sent in several ways:


    1. From the console (right click menu). The WOL packet is sent from the console machine, not the core (unless they are the same machine).

    2. From a scheduled task (scheduled task properties, Target devices, Wake up devices checkbox). The WOL packet is sent from the core.

    3. From an MDR (multicast domain representative) as part of a software distribution task. This is configured in the multicast domain section of the delivery method. The WOL packet is sent from the MDR.

    4. If the WOL packet is not sent from the MDR, and it crosses a router that does not allow subnet directed broadcasts, the packet will be dropped by the router and never reach the target.

    5. If the packet does reach the target, but the machine does not wake up, then the machine does not have WOL, it is disabled in the BIOS, or it is not working for some other reason.

    6. In all cases LANDesk Management Suite is simply sending out a standard WOL packet. Once the packet has been sent, we rely on the network and the target machine to complete the WOL process.

    7. If a packet capture shows that the WOL packet is being sent (from the core or the console, depending on the method used), then LANDesk Management Suite has completed its portion of the WOL process successfully.

    8. See the attached document for more information




    The default behavior when using WOL in a scheduled task is to have the machines wake up, and then power back off after the task completes.

         This option can be disabled by setting a property in the registry on the core server.

         1. Open Regedit.
         2. Browse to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Intel Scheduler\Parameters"
         3. Create a REG_DWORD value called "WOLLeavesAwake".
         4. To have machines stay awake after the scheduled task, set the value to 1.