Policy.client.invoker.exe is using excessive CPU

Version 6

    It has been found on some 8.8 agent that the policy.client.invoker.exe process is using excessive CPU. Normally this is in the range of 40-60%, but can be higher. This is caused by corruption or a problem in the client database where some information is missing or incorrect. Policy.client.invoker then continuously tries to load the bad data.


    This can be resolved by installing patch SWD-28087. This patch requires SP3 and is for 8.8 only. The patch can be downloaded from here





    The Custom Definition for Security and Patch is attached.

    When you run the swd-2808788.3-2.exe patch it will extract 2 folders to the LANDesk_Patches folder. You will need to individually Zip those folders and move them to the Patch folder on your core. The default for this is ...\Program files\Landesk\Management suite\Ldlogon\patch.  You will need to rename the SWD-2808788.3-2 to SWD-2808788.3-2-core when you are zip the folder. So when it's done you will have the 2 files listed below in your Patch folder.




    Depending on the application you use to Zip the files you will need to re-generate the MD5 hash associated with the Custom Defintion, instructions for doind this can be found here.