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    Urgent issues


      I have an 2 issues in a site :


           1.             some devices ( 250 devices ) in the Pending Unmanaged Devices the icon of the agent of them is like  image 1 .bmp but I can’t get all information of them and i cant do any function of the landesk  , when I right click only Inventory and Properties options appear only , when click Properties you can that the common base agent and Remote Control are loaded ( how can i check if the agent installed or not )



           2.             If you install the Agent Manually to a device the Console cant view them in the All devices tree , and if you scan for this device you will find it in Device Founded (when you do network scan using the UDD )

      But the agent installed correctly on that device and if you use the remote control using the Web console using its ip then everything is OK  




               -                  I have LDMS 8.5    

           -              Sometimes the Admins use image for new devices , this image contains the Agent

           -                DHCP Used there

           -                The inventory service stops periodically

      -           The following  error were got from the evenvwr , it is from the inventory server :


           o         Database exception: SCA8D.SCN, LDInv.dll
      Row cannot be located for updating. Some values may have been changed since it was last read


           -                Sometimes the Admins use wscfg32.exe to install the agent

      -     Some devices have the Agent version of the 8.5 and some of them have the version of 8.6 ( I dont know why how can i delete the Agent 8.6 and let it 8.5 ? )




      Pls , it is urgent   

      Anyone help , appreciated in advance 



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          ahe Expert



          it is not recommended to use a image with a embedded agent!


          If you use it, you've to change some entries in your image, s. How to image devices with a LANDESK Agent installed

          and this thread: Oops imaged a group of computers with the landesk agent - best way to recover



          I think your other problems are caused by the inventory scanner settings on the core.

          Do you find some files in ..\ldmain\ldscan or below in ErroScan or ErrorBigScan?


          Here are some interesting links to set inventory scanner:









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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            If you have an 8.5 core, then you need to find out how someone has managed to put an 8.6 agent on your machines.  This is an incompatible version as LANDesk is backwards but not forwards compatible.  It also sounds like you have a horrendous duplicate device problem that needs sorting out.


            I know this may not be a simple thing to do, but it sounds like your environment is uncontrolled right now.  You need to get this system up to a supported version (8.5 is a number of years old now) and bring everyone to the same supprted level.  You can sort out this duplicate device ID at the same time.  You MUST standardise the way the agents get put onto these systems; your admins are causing your system to become unmanageable and LANDesk (and possibly you) will get the blame.


            The advice you got earlier will help you get through the current crisis but there will be another crisis around the corner if this syetm is not correct properly.


            Mark Star - MarXtar LANDesk Enhancements

            Home of Power State Notifier & Wake-On-WAN for LANDesk

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              what happened if i removed the LDMS 8.5 and install on the same server LDMS 8.8 and redeploy the Agent Again

              can it overrite the agent installed on these devices   ?


              Pls , i need your recomendation


              Also , i have the two problems :


              the imaging issue and invenory service stopping




              Pls , i need the help urgently


              Appreciate your Advices







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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                You may want to take a step back and slow down some.


                1 - LDMS 8.5 has been completely EOS'ed for several years, so LANDesk support won't really be able to help you much with that beyond pointing you to the latest service packs.


                2 - In regards to the 8.6 agents (kinda curious how they got there in the first place) - you could always uninstall the 8.6 agents and the install the 8.5 clients ... but this isn't really addressing the issue I think (since if they're 8.6, I suspect they may belong to a different Core you may not even know of? Clients don't just upgrade themselves).


                3 - The idea to move to 8.8 isn't necessarily bad. HOWEVER - a migration is a project in its own right. Doing a version migration "just like that" is (as per Sod's Law) likely to result you being end up with a broken Core (it's a popular time for backups to break, old OS issues to creep up, and so on). Be careful, haste is a very bad council.


                4 - Depending on the state of the Core, an upgrade may be useful (rather than uninstalling and re-installing)  But that (same with # 3) is not really addressing the real problem.


                The real problem -- it seems that things are out of your control, and that's the first thing you need to fix. You cannot fix other people upgrading LANDesk agents / doing their own things / including them as part of the image, if you don't have the control over the product (as MarkStar pointed out). So the first thing to do really here is to sort out the political issues - who's in charge, and have that person call the shots.


                This is not something that an upgrade will help with (nor is it going to particularly help with if you have a case of imaging with the identical DeviceID included) - 8.5 can try to address that problem (via Duplicate Device ID detection), but this will take time (depending on your inventory scanning frequency, normaly withing 3-4 days things should be normalizing in terms of device ID's).


                So - yes - there *ARE* some technological problems that need to be solved, however at the moment it does not sound as if you are in a position to do that, with various activities related to the agent deployment being outside of your control. That control needs to be established, and only then can you go about smoothing things out.


                Don't expect this to be done within a day or two though, it's possible that what you're seeing now is only the first layer of the "left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing" problems, as usually there ends up being quite a bit of it.


                So - remain calm, focus on fixing the social/political problem first - and the technological stuff can then be addressed. Technology cannot fix social problems


                Paul Hoffmann

                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                  Dear ,


                  i have checked the Inventory Settings , i think it is ok

                  but what do you want the settings , can you send me the recommended settings ?


                  thank you

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                    ahe Expert



                    you don't write if you've a lot of entries in your error scan directories...


                    You can hide the automatic stop of the inventory service on the core if you make some settings on

                    Configure - Services - Inventory - Advanced settings: (example settings)


                    DB Error Recovery Tries     set to 10000          so 10000 errors per hour are possible

                    s. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1165


                    Max Scan File Size          set to 25000000     so scan files sizes with 25MB are possible

                    s. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1909


                    This are workarounds only, they don't solve basic problem!




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                      dear axel ,


                      the logs of the errors have alot of records , also regarding the settings there are no Advance settings in the LDMS 8.5



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                        phoffmann SupportEmployee

                        In 8.5 and before they used to be registry keys.


                        The location was:




                        A change to the registry values here requires a re-start of the Inventory Service to be applied.


                        Paul Hoffmann

                        LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead