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    Package number order


      Hi all


      We're in the process of migrating from LDMS 8.5 SP2 to LDMS 8.8 SP2.  In the meantime, we need to add another package to our standard list of apps linked to A.D. Software Distribution groups.  Usually this would not be a problem.  However, according to the registry once the app is installed, this new package has been automatically assigned a package number over 1000, subsequently moved it to the top of the order of apps to install and broken the process.


      Is this a limitation of the registry or LDMS 8.5 SP2?


      Is it possible to force the package numbers in the correct order within the registry please?




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          Not a 100% sure what you are talking about.  Task information is no longer stored in the registry in 8.8.


          If you are looking to deploy packages in a certain order I would look at the below link.  In 8.8 they get applied by package id.  In sp3 it will be changed to task name.


          Take a look at this document.



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            Thanks Ty.  Your advice and document will be very helpful once we have completed the migration from LDMS 8.5 to 8.8.


            Task information is stored in the registry in 8.5 as package numbers, e.g. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\INTEL\LANDesk\LDWM\AppHealing\Agent\AMClient\APM\PolicyCache\{Package-568}.  Unfortunately package numbers are stored in order of the first numeral.  In other words, {package-1001} is stored before {package-568} because "1" is lower than "5".  This has only just become a problem since we created a new package to add to our core standard apps for all new builds because the package number has breached "1000", hence installs before the other apps and fails.


            We want  to have full control to deploy packages in a certain order within our LDMS 8.5 SP2 environment.


            Is this possible?  Is it possible and/or advisable to change the package numbers in the database?  What is the best solution please?




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              zman Master



              So my understanding on required policies is that in < 8.8 it was based on the package name, anywho, what you really want to know is how to sequence packages and/or create application dependencies. Couple of options in 8.8 - in order of MY preferences:


              1. Provisioning. Yeah most people think of OSD when they hear provisioning but it is very flexible and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. I discovered this while trying to figure out how to deploy applications to pos (not point of sale ;-) thinclients with XPE.  You can set up a very complex application flow and distribution template.
              2. Software Package dependencies/prerequistes.
              3. Batch Files.


              Don't mess with the the _idns you will be in a world of hurt.

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                Thanks zman.


                I believe we don't have the option for Software Distribution via Provisioning in 8.5 SP2.  We could change our approach by chaining all packages into one big package using dependencies but this is not the 'quick fix' needed considering we need to update the A.D. groups today (or asap) and we on the verge of migrating to 8.8 SP2.


                As it's a multi-application install, the only 'quick fix' I can think of is to append the updated application installs to the existing packages.  This should, in theory, install the updated applications without the complication of package numbers over "1000".  Unless this is a registry limitation, it appears to be a bit of an oversight on LANDesk's part.


                Unless anyone can think of a better solution?




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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  If you're on the verge of migrating, you may as well migrate to 8.8 SP3 (SP3 should be out in the next few weeks), which will include the name-based sequencing as was mentioned earlier.


                  And potentially using batches may be the better way for you to deal with the situation as an interim (certainly a lot more controllable)...?


                  Paul Hoffmann

                  LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                    Thanks Paul.


                    So I'll settle for the 'quick fix' and get to it now.


                    I assume the package numbering within the registry is a problem (8.5 SP2 problem at least) that may have affected others.


                    Thanks all for your input.



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                      zman Master

                      I mentioned provisioning because you mentioned you were going to 8.8.  As Paul indicated wait for SP3. In 8.5 you could script the install via Autoit or other scripting language (batch, vb, etc...) That way you can control the order and the return codes.  I've done this many times and it works.

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