Error when downloading content "Hash for patch does not match with host. Discarding."

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    Error when downloading content "Hash for patch (Patch Name) does not match with host. Discarding."


    Causes and Resolutions


    For security purposes, each patch file referenced within a vulnerability definition contains a hash value to ensure that the file referenced is the authentic patch file.


    After downloading the patch, if the patch does not match, Patch Manager will discard the file.


    There are various causes that can contribute to this issue.


    The patch content needs to be updated as the local content is out of date


    If the LANDesk Patch Content has been changed since the last time patch content has been downloaded this error can occur.


    Download patch content again.   If the error still occurs, try downloading from a different patch content server (US West Coast, US East Coast, or Europe)


    A web caching or other networking appliance within the environment is causing the contents of the file to change or is serving up a depricated version of the file


    In many environments, web caching appliances are in place.   When LANDesk attempts to download the file, the internet caching appliance intercepts the request and incorrectly delivers an older version of the file.   Once the file is downloaded on the LANDesk Core Server, the hash check fails.


    In this instance, the cache for the particular failed file can be cleared on the internet caching appliance, the entire cache can be cleared, or the internet caching appliance can be configured to allow the core server to bypass caching.


    Manually copying the file to the patch storage directory from a computer that bypasses the internet caching appliance can verify that this is the issue.


    Patch definition content is corrupted in the database


    If the latest patch content is downloaded, there are no caching appliance is in the environment, the local downloaded patch file has been deleted from the storage directory, and there is still a failure, the following SQL query can be run to force the content to redownload.


    This query changes the LANDesk Revision number to "0".   When the core server compares revision numbers with the revision on the LANDesk patch content servers the version on the LANDesk patch content server will be higher, thus the content will download again:

    update vulnerability set landeskrevision = 0 where vul_id = "definition name"


    The file has changed after the patch definition was published


    If other steps fail, it is possible that the file has changed, and it is necessary for LANDesk to update the patch content.


    It is possible that the vendor changed the contents of the file but kept the same filename, and LANDesk has not updated the related vulnerability definition yet.   At times a vendor will make a change to a file, but does not publish information regarding the change.


    If this is the case, this download should fail regardless of the Core server attempting the download.   This would be a global issue.


    In this instance, contact LANDesk Support and request that the patch content be updated.   A LANDesk technican can also verify the file download failure internally.