An example of creating a "bundle" service

    A bundle is a service which the end user knows as the one solution that they are looking for, but which in fact actually consists of a number of different services.  For example, a Manager might request a "new starter machine" as a service.  This would perhaps include: desktop procurement service, provision of email, provision of word processing, provision of spreadsheets, provision of printing services, provision of internet access, provision of building access, etc..


    The function of bundles allows you to publish just the solution to the end user e.g. "new starter machine" and when a request is raised for this child requests will be automatically created for each component part.


    The basic steps to follow to create a bundle are as follows:

    1. Create a CI with a CI type of Bundle.
    2. Specify the Bundle lifeycle on this CI and also place it in the area of the Catalogue Hierarchy that you require (the catalogue hierarchy organises your service catalogue into a structure that end users can navigate).
    3. Create CIs for all the component parts of the bundle with a CI type of Service.
    4. In Service Catalogue, ensure that all CIs are business services and have the correct request type set.
    5. On the bundles tab, select your bundle CI and then highlight each of your component Services and add them to the bundle.
    6. On the publishing tab, publish just the bundle only to your End User roles (or as required).
    7. You will need to wait until the Service Catalogue has processed the change.  You can check this via Knowledge Administration - Queue Entries.
    8. When requesting the bundle, child requests will be automatically created.


    Additional information:


    The above steps are using the standard request processes and windows that are provided with the out of the box database.  If you wanted to create or amend your own processes or windows please see the Service Catalogue Manual - Creating Processes for Bundles.


    Known errors and how to work around them:


    When authorising a bundle request process you get the error:  "The request has changed status and the action you have selected is no longer available."


    In order to be able to create child requests the lifecycle that is being generated by the bundle request needs to have the "Attach Parent Request" optional action available.  The parent bundle request also needs to have the "Create Child" optional action at the Authorisation status' in the process.  Without these the process will error when attempting to create child requests.