How to remove LANDesk Antivirus

    Option 1:


    LDMS 8.x - (For LDMS 9 & 9.5 instructions see below)

    Using a task from the core server:


    1. Open the Security and Patch Manager Tool

    2. Click the dropdown next to the "Create a Task" icon.

    3. Select "Remove LANDesk Antivirus"

    8-14-2009 3-12-07 PM.jpg

    4. Select to create a Scheduled Task, Create a Policy, and whether or not to show a UI.

    5. Review the Scan and Repair settings.

    8-14-2009 3-14-18 PM.jpg

    LDMS 9 & 9.5

    Using a task from the core server:


    1. Open the Security Configurations tool with the LANDesk Management Suite console.

    2. Click the dropdown next to the "Create a task" icon.


    3. Select whether to create a Scheduled Task (push) or a Policy (pull) to perform this task.

    4. Place a checkbox next to the LANDesk Antivirus component.

    5. Select UI options and Scan and Repair settings to use during the uninstallation.




    Option 2:


    Running from a command line on a client:


    1. From a "Run" prompt on the client computer, type "Vulscan /removeav"


    You can also add the option "/showui" to display a user interface during the uninstallation.



    Logging for the uninstallation:


    The uninstall activity will be displayed in the following log:


    2000/XP/2003: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Vulscan\Vulscan.log  (Or vulscan_#.log)

    Vista/2008/Windows 7 (When Supported): C:\ProgramData\Vulscan


    Note: There will be several Vulscan log files.  Look for the log file containing the following line: /removeav /showui  (The options chosen at the run line)


    Fri, 14 Aug 2009 15:21:24 C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDCLient\vulscan.exe version <> started

    Command line: /removeav /showui