Issue: LANDesk Antivirus or Policy Invoker Services not installing during OSD imaging



    LANDesk Antivirus or Policy Invoker Service is not installing with the agent during the sysprep process on OS deployment




    The network drive to the LDLogon folder is being deleted before the Agent installation completes.



    Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2003 R2:


    1. Do an Advanced Edit on the deployment script (right click and select "Advanced Edit")  (two files will open, one .ini and one .inf)
    2. In the .inf file, REM (;) out or delete the Command3 line. (Command3="net use \\coreservername\ldmain\ldlogon /d /y")
    3. Save the file
    4. Run OS deploy on new machine.


    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 2008, 2012:


    1. The file that needs to be edited is a XML file, So execution may vary depending on how you computer is configured to handle viewing XML files. The instructions are written as if you need to manually find the file and open it with notepad.
    2. Browse to <coreserver>\LDmain\Landesk\files
    3. Locate the .XML file with the name of your OSD deployment script.
    4. Open the .XML with notepad.
    5. Locate the and change the following as shown.



      <CommandLine>net use \\core90v2\ldlogon /d /y</CommandLine> 
      <Description /> 
    - <SynchronousCommand>
      <CommandLine>cmd /q /c del /q c:\ldiscan.cfg</CommandLine> 
      <Description /> 


    Note: If you do a regular edit on the script and save the script, it will overwrite the .ini and .inf file and put the command3 line back in.  So if you have to modify the script, make sure that you do the advance edit on the script when you finish and remove the command3 line again.