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    Computers randomly powering off


      Hello everyone,

      Last week we have faced a strange issue, some random PC received popped up a screen inform the user that their PC going to shutdown after 10 seconds.

      I have made my research on the server and on the community and I found this article: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6701

      first of all we have landesk 10 and I am not very sure if that was a bug before on the landesk and then they fixed it or what.


      Here is what I looked for:

      I searched into ServiceHost.log on one of the users PC who got this message and I found some logs related to this operation but the problem is we don't know what is the cause from the first place!!

      I got freaked out and I removed the power management policy that we were applying on all PCs and return it back to the default. however some user reports that they still receiving this silly message.

      I have also looked into the daily, weekly tasks that run on the server but it seems there is no anything to do with this.


      Where can I go and track this problem?

      and is there is any kind of events or logs on the server where I can find useful information and logs about this problem and why it is happening.


      Guys we need help, otherwise I will resign better than get fired!!