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    Error: 80001500H WebServiceCall

    Gru Apprentice

      Currently having an issue with provisioning hanging. Currently made a simply template with a wait command.


      It sits at Loading Template for about 10 minutes, then fails with an error referencing ProvisioningWebSvc.app


      Error: 80001500H WebServiceCall


      I have done an IISReset and changed the refresh pool to 120 minutes per other threads as well as reboot the server and no dice

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          johnnyv5 Rookie

          How many scheduled tasks do you have?  I had this problem and after rebuilding my core and restoring the database I still had the issue.  I deleted all jobs that were in the scheduled tasks and now things are back to normal.



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            Gru Apprentice

            Do you mean whats currently listed in the provisioning history on the device, or how many scheduled tasks I have total? We have quite a lot of tasks listed under all tasks, more so than I'll count right now