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    Is QGate Intelli-CTi 2.5 fully supported?

    rcronje Apprentice

      I have a client that is interested in Service Desk with the Telephony Integration. I believe the telephont integration is provided by QGate Intelli-CTi. The current version of this product is 2.5. Is it fully supported by the Service Desk?

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Ryan,


          the actual supported version of QGate is 2.0 and 2.1. The newest QGate version 2.5 is not supported by LANDesk yet, that means, no support on windows 7 clients. We have the same problem with one of our customers who wants the CTI integration but the clients for the console are on windows 7, so no work.




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            Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

            Hi both,


            Service Desk telephony integration is currently shipped with QGate IntelliCTIv2.1. This version of IntelliCTI is not supported on Windows7. A new version (IntelliCTIv2.5) is available from QGate. This is supported on windows7.


            IntelliCTIv2.5 has been independently tested and confirmed operational with Service Deskv7.5, however there are architecture/installation changes in IntelliCTIv2.5. The support for these changes and the move to offer v2.5 are being worked on currently, but at this time LANDesk does not yet offer IntelliCTIv2.5 as an upgrade replacement to the version of IntelliCTI(v2.1) shipped with Service Desk telephony integration.


            At this time, the version of IntelliCTI provided by LANDesk for use with Service Desk Telephony Integration (CTI) remains as IntelliCTIv2.1.


            Some customers have asked if they can purchase IntelliCTIv2.5 direct from the manufacturer (QGate).


            Although possible, please be aware that this product would not at this time be formally supported by LANDesk support, and that there may be additional cost implications.


            There is also a very high probability that this upgrade will soon become available to existing LANDesk telephony integration customers through LANDesk in the near future. This might possibly lead to duplicate purchase or reinstallation requirements for those customers who purchased IntelliCTIv2.5 independently.


            Accordingly, at this point in time LANDesk and QGate recommend that, if possible, telephony integration customers await the notification from LANDesk that telephony integration support for windows7 will be available through LANDesk. If a customer cannot wait, then of course QGate is very happy to progress your enquiry.


            We expect to provide this notification in the very near future.





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              Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

              To follow up on this...


              LANDesk are now offering IntelliCTIv2.5 and offer an upgrade path. Please speak to your LANDesk representative for more information.


              Kind Regards,



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                ewid Apprentice

                HI Lara,


                Can you share how to integrate Qgate Intelli-CTI with LANDesk ServiceDesk 7.5?

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                  Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

                  Hi Ewid,


                  The setup and integration is described in the manual, available at Service Desk 7.4 Telephony Integration Manual.





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                    ewid Apprentice

                    Thanks for your share but we have faced another problem.

                    We always failed while running Telephony Integration Client login windows. We have used both of sa and analyst userid.

                    Need advice.



                    QGate Intelli has been installed. Both of server and client