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    Wake On LAN Problem


      Hello Community


      I`ve got a problem. WOL does work on the Client PC. I`ve made the configuration in BIOS and in the Device Manager so it works.But, It is a bit mysterious because WOL works only sometimes on the Client PC. After around 3 hours it doesn`t work anymore. But why ???

      Nobody used  this  PC and  WOL doesn`t work no more. So maybe one of you got the same problem.

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          MarXtar SSMMVPGroup


          It is unusual for a machine that does work with WoL to stop working after a certain amount of time.  If you are able to get to the machine physically, when WoL is working does it have lights on the network port when off but connected?  at a time where WoL doesn't work, are those lights still active?



          For WoL to work, the PC must maintain power to your network card even when the system is switched off, perhaps something is switching that power off either at the network card level or even at the network port level.



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            Thx for your fast reply. The lights on the PC are still active when i tried to wake up. Are there other methods to wake up the client ?



            By the way, i`ve testet on different Computer with the same issue

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              MarXtar SSMMVPGroup

              You could always try another utility to see if that does what LANDesk doesn't. Our Wake-On-WAN free plug-in uses a freeware utility to launch the WoL so there is an example of one you could try. If still there is an issue, perhaps there is a setting on your network switch that might be blocking it?









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                ahe Expert





                on this page you'll find a little test tool:






                or here