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    Patch History - False Positive Results?

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      Hi Everyone,


      After patching my servers, when I use LANDesk query >> Security >> Patch History to see what patches got installed / failed on multiple servers, I see that many patches get fail to install however in reality most of the patches have got installed successfully (as I notice in "Security and Patch information" that there were many vulnerabilities were being detected prior to patching and after patching most of the vulnerability clears out).


      Does it happen due to reboot, meaning a patch is installing on the server and it requires a reboot to completely install and lets say I have disabled server reboots using 'Reboot Settings' and I handle the reboots manually after all the servers are patched.

      Is that the reason the patch shows as failed in 'Patch History' table as it did not get reboot and actually it does gets installed when I reboot my servers manually after the patching?


      So it means we cannot fully trust the 'failed' results shown in 'Patch History' table as whatever patches it shows as failed might have got successfully installed? As per my understanding it is the case, 'Patch History' table shows false positive results.

      Is there any way to figure out what patch 'really failed' or 'false failed'? I assume that 'Patch History' table records does not get update for 'false failed' meaning after patching and reboot completion it does not reflect the true picture to dictate 'look this patch we were assuming that it failed to install but now we can see that since the vulnerability got clear so it means associated patches that were previously shown as failed actually got successfully installed so let me update those records as success 'repair done' ?


      Is there any way to find out the correct results that what patches really got installed and what really got failed? May be through some other table that checks the whole stuff and keeps accurate records?


      Sorry for writing the whole long story.   Would appreciate your experience and thoughts on this.


      Thank you,